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I really don’t feel like blogging anymore. My old passion has gone away… I dunno why. Maybe because lately I’m getting addicted with KHR and I spend most of my times on internet to read rather than go blogging. And lately I’m also crazy on Vocaloid, and I also spend my time browsing Vocaloid songs. I really don’t feel like blogging anymore.

So now.. let me close this blog.. maybe permanently. I’m not gonna delete the blog, I’ll keep it opened so you guys could still browse anything you wanna see here (: but I’m not gonna post anymore.

Maybe someday if I really got nothing to do, I’ll come here again and post again. But not now.

So, bye everyone! If you wanna stalk me, you can follow my twitter @heyfungus :))

That’s all folks, have a nice life! /kisses


Just Be Friends (Megurine Luka)

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This is a very nice song, from a vocaloid named Megurine Luka (my favorite!). Because the video has got the lyrics, I don’t post it (too long, guys). The lyrics is just.. sad, and somehow similar like my life.

P.S: There’s a lot of different versions on YouTube, like Miku’s, Kaito’s, Meiko’s, Kagamines’, and even Gakupo’s. Go browse it yourself!

Just be friends, all we gotta do
Just be friends, it’s time to say goodbye
Just be friends, all we gotta do
Just be friends, just be friends…

Holiday Continuation

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Okay. That was one of the most interesting anime I’ve ever watch. I give… rating 15+ for the bloods, some fanservices, and… lots of yaoi hints. Every fujoshi would realize it!! *evil laugh*. Thanks to Yana Toboso, I enjoyed the very first moment of my holiday. I already planned to download and watch KSJ II on my holiday, though… and I won’t regret finishing it xD my only regret might be because the Kuroshitsuji series has ended and I’ve got nothing left to watch… *sobs*

I really wish Kuroshitsuji III will come. Hey, I’ve got a plan! Why not making KSJ III a brand new theme: a girl master with a ikemen, perverted butler? THAT MIGHT BE HILARIOUS!

A forbidden love between master and the butler… human and devil… whoa. So Shakespeare-ish.

For the closing, I’ll show ya some good pictures 8DDD;; I screenshotted(?) them by myself, but I don’t own any characters.

Claude's smile is just too innocent *_*


...and this is how Sebastian becomes a bad boy.


Alois' crossdress :>

And this is fanservice no. 2 -/////-

Sparkling Sebastian =)))

Claude with his dirty mind. (LOL)

Shiverring Claude with his dirty mind (again)

New reborned Ciel.... as a devil. *nosebleed til death*

A lie that was arranged due to Ciel's reborn.

Actually.. there’s still much much much and much more picture I would like to show all of you guys. But unfortunately, I didn’t screenshot it on time D: I just got some pictures. Well, I’m too lazy to do that tho 8Da #SLAP

So… dou? Are you guys feeling curious after seeing my screenshots? GO AND WATCH THEN! Well you might want to watch the first season of it first, to get you understand about the story.. it’s all about supernatural and fantasy, folks.

それだけじゃ、後またね!Enjoy your holiday! X3

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